Torii Kiyomasu II
The Actor Nakamura Shichisaburō II

Signed: Torii Kiyomasu hitsu; Publisher’s seal: Igaya (Kan’emon); hosoban, 34.0 x 15.9 cm; beni-e with metallic pigments

Against an empty backdrop we see the actor Nakamura Shichisaburō II (1703–1774) as a samurai. He is hiding his hands under a wide, black jacket on which his family crest can be recognized. A tobacco bag and a pillbox (inrō) are hanging from his belt with the character “kotobuki” (long life) on it. Like his father, Shichisaburō was also famous for his interpretations of attractive, tender lovers.

Geyger, inv.no.16403 (KG p.90 / KGE p.88)

The actor Nakamura, Shichisaburô is shown against an empty background, standing slightly turned with his face raised. He is dressed as a young samurai. Two swords are fastened in his belt. Over a kimono with iris decoration, he has put on a wide, black jacket under which his hands are hidden. He can be identified by the crest on the jacket. The jacket is decorated with paper kites; the robe, with a kind of narcissus.
A tobacco pouch hangs from his belt and an inrô with the character “kotobuki” (long life). Nakamura, Shichisaburô’s style of performance clearly followed that of his father, who was famous for his interpretation of beautiful, gentle lovers.