Torii Kiyomasu II (attributed to or
| The Actors Ichikawa Danzō I as Kagemasa and Ōtani Ryūzaemon I as Sōnin

Publisher: beni-e kongen hanmoto Ōdenma sanchōme Urokoya (Urokogataya Magobei) and logo; hosoban, 32.5 x 15.2 cm; urushi-e with karazuri and metallic pigments

The two actors are depicted in a mi-e pose, an impressive stage posture in which the actors “freeze” for a moment. Above, Ichikawa Danzō I is identified by his rice measuring box crest (mimasu-mon) and name. Below him, Ōtani Ryūzaemon I is identified by a caption and family crest.

Geyger, inv.no.16412 (KG p.104 / KGE p.110)

The two actors are depicted in a mie pose. Ichikawa, Danzô appears above, identified by his crest and his name written beside him. Underneath Ôtani, Ryûzaemon kneels, also identified by family crest and inscription. The actors play two heroes in the aragoto style.

Ichikawa, Danzô, the founder of this subsidiary branch of the Ichikawa family, was one of the less important actors of his time. He was born in 1662 and was a pupil of Danjûrô I. In 1731 he removed a cross-bar from the Ichikawa family crest which he had inserted in 1716. His family are counted as Kamigata actors, since they often appeared in West Japan. He died in 1740. Little is known about Ôtani, Ryûzaemon. He played from 1716 in minor roles, retired from the stage in 1745, and died in 1747.

The style of the leaf and the altered crest of Ichikawa, Danzô indicate a dating to the fourth decade of the 18th century The roles cannot be identified more closely, in our view.