Hosoda Eishi
At the Great Gate of Yoshiwara: Misayama of Chōjiya with Wakaba and Teriha
c. 1792

Signed: Eishi ga; Publisher’s seal: Sen’ichi han (Izumiya Ichibei); censor’s seal: kiwame; uki-e, central panel of a triptych, ōban, 37.0 x 24.6 cm; benigirai-e with karazuri

This print, which seems to be the middle picture of a triptych, provides a view of a street in Yoshiwara in the background, rendered in European-inspired central perspective. Porters and customers enter through the “Great Gate” (Ōmonguchi), either in sedan chairs or on foot. Accompanied by a shinzō and the two cute little kamuro Wakaba and Teriha, the beautiful Misayama from the house of Chōjiya is lingering there in conversation with an acquaintance.

De Goncourt, Paris (1877); M. Densmore, Paris (October 1960)
Riese Collection #86

This print, probably the centre panel of a triptych, is interesting for the perspective with which the buildings in the background are drawn. The post at the right is probably one side of the Great Gate, or entrance to the Yoshiwara, and the view behind the courtesan and her attendants represents the approach, with clients arriving by palanquin and on foot.

Reproduced in Ingelheim catalogue, no. 80.