Katsushika Hokusai
The Waterfall at Ono on the Kisokaidō Road

Signed: Zen Hokusai I’itsu hitsu; Publisher’s seal: Eijudō (Nishimuraya Yohachi), logo and character „ei“ (on varous pieces of clothing); censor’s seal: kiwame; ōban, 38.0 x 27.5 cm; nishiki-e

From “Tour of Waterfalls in Various Provinces”. A broad waterfall can be seen rushing over a mountain cliff on the left and plunging straight down. Travellers on a bridge are observing this spectacle of nature. A small shrine is located on a rocky promontory jutting into the water from the right bank. Hokusai may have created this waterfall from his imagination, since its location, in contrast to most of the other waterfalls in this series, cannot be ascertained.

R. G. Sawyers, London (November 1964)
Riese Collection #127

A group of travellers stands on a bridge looking up at the precipitous torrent. Above them, on an outcropping of rock stands a little shrine. To their left is a wayside house with rocks on the roof to prevent the shingles from blowing away. Unlike most of the other waterfalls in the series, this one near the village of Ono does not seem to have been located. Hokusai may have simply drawn it from his imagination.

Reproduced in: Ingelheim catalogue, no. 112.